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If the pandemic has taught me anything it's that we've got to stop building our businesses on quicksand and start creating a solid foundation for consistent profit growth.

This November join the BIZ Challenge that thousands of women have taken since 2018.



Get access to your favorite brands and business owners and hear how they successfully scaled their companies.




Learn the different pieces that make up the business plan puzzle and create your own business growth strategy. 



The Biz Challenge only comes around twice a year. Receive FREE business advice without having to pay a cent when you watch the trainings LIVE. Classes take place via ZOOM. The sessions will be recorded and  available for purchase as a one time fee after the Challenge. 

If you've been in business for a few years, but.....

  • Haven't paid yourself a salary yet.
  • Are working 8-12+ hours a day in the business.
  • Haven't scaled your business to the point you can hire employees and if you have -  you're just covering your overall payroll and expenses... there's nothing left. 

Then here's what I want to tell you. YOU ARE NORMAL and It's going to be OK. 

For the past 3 years I've worked with hundreds of business owners like you, who started out of sheer passion and grit, but lacked the fundamental business knowledge to successfully grow their businesses.

Right about now you probably....

  • Have self doubt in your brand. 
  • Feel a sense of failure and disappointment as a business owner. 
  • Are embarrassed and feel like you're kind of leading a double life.  On the outside you look like a success, but inside you're a total mess. 

I know this because that was me 4 years ago. 

Until I challenged myself to get real with my business and look deeper into what was really holding me back from growing. 

Once I figured it out, profits were up 10% and I went from working 16 hour days to just 5 - I know crazy! Ever since then, I've dedicated myself to helping other women just like me to dig deeper into figuring out what's not working in their businesses so they can stop spinning their wheels and finally create the success they've been dreaming about for so long. 


List of Classes and Guest Speakers


Don't just create a business ... build a BRAND. 
How to create a brand that positions you as the "no brainer" solution 

If I could go back in time and tell my completely unprepared younger self one thing in business it would have been to really really figure out who I was as a brand before I sold anything. 

Brand Identity can be divided into (2) things - Who you are on the inside and how you show it to the world. The two types of people you need in order to excel in this is a Copywriter and a Graphic Designer. 

I've invited Fay and Chaya to the Biz Challenge because after working with them on numerous projects I know they have the skill to teach you how to dig deep and pinpoint what makes your own brand special and how to share that with the world. 

Fay Dworetsky is a brand strategist who helps businesses gain clarity around their target audience, their market, and their brand positioning — so they stand out from competition and attract their ideal customers/clients. In this session, Fay will be diving into what goes into creating a brand identity that your entire business stands on - and that gets your customers hooked.

Chaya Teitelbaum is the owner/creative director of TTL Creative. She's a freelance graphic designer specializing in branding strategy and design. Chaya helps her clients take their brands from mediocre to magnificent. Her strategy based approach allows her clients to conceive, construct, and craft brands that consistently convert prospects into customers. She's also the founder of The Confident Creative (@helloconfidentcreatives), a networking event for Jewish women creative's in the marketing space. Offering branding strategy, business and product naming, branding design, packaging, advertising and any marketing collateral businesses need. She collaborates with consultants, copywriters, photographers, artists and web developers to ensure her clients are maximizing their marketing potential. Chaya is passionate about guiding entrepreneurs in their quest to build a brand that accurately communicates their market position in order to help them realize their businesses full potential.


Where should your brand hang out to find its ideal client and how do you attract your ideal client anyway? 

Hear from the biggest rockstars on their platforms when it comes to social media content marketing Alyssa for Instagram and Merav from Linkedin.

Merav Levine is a marketing consultant that helps smart business owners amplify their voices online. She helps her clients get seen and make sales. Though she has worked on all of the major social platforms, Merav admits that LinkedIn is her favorite. She encourages her clients to take advantage of the opportunities available there. (HINT: You get access to company organizational charts!)
After working in an agency setting Merav took the leap into entrepreneurship in January of 2020. In just a few months, Merav has grown her business, replaced, and increased her entire salary by using LinkedIn strategically. 
She is now coaching business owners in various industries on how to level up and get results. Merav is always seeking and sharing ways to be more productive, a better marketer, and a happier person.
Alyssa Goldwater is a CEO, wife, mom and the creative mastermind behind the lifestyle brand, A Glass of Goldwater (@alyssagoldwater). Merging motherhood with humor, A Glass of Goldwater has become a community and support network of over 50,000 women across the world. Alyssa has created a world where creativity is queen and a glass ceiling does not exist.

Alyssa Goldwater has taken her social media expertise to launch AG Creative Consulting, a boutique, digital marketing and brand strategy agency. AG Creative Consulting has the passion, creative savvy, and noteworthy track record to help brands get noticed and take their businesses to the next level.


OH BOY. We will be tackling so many topics in this class! 

1. Partnership Agreements and working with friends :)

2. How to start paying yourself first.

3. How to grow a brand without showing your face - I know, that's a good one right? 

Between Carpools, the lifestyle site for the busy Jewish woman, is a collaboration between five women who know how to get things done … well, between carpools. Since 2016, we’ve been sharing home and organizing tips, parenting insights, activities, how-to’s and DIYs, and of course, entertaining ideas, recipes, and inspiring reads both on the site and app.

Dinner Done, the new cookbook by Betweencarpools.com, is available now, online and in stores!


Growing a hobby into a successful business does have it's ups and downs. In this class we will talk to Shira from Swaddlebee about how she started her company, how she tackled manufacturing in China, and how she's recently grown her profits in a pandemic when so many others have suffered. 

SwaddleBee was founded after countless attempts to source a material that would help soothe their own colicky daughter. After overcoming a recall, SwaddleBee build back up and we now sell blankets for all ages, from colicky babies to children and adults with sensory sensitivities. Aside for selling blankets, SwaddleBee is a community where women join to help support one another through life struggles. SwaddleBee is an all inclusive brand,  spreading awareness kindness and hope to women across the globe. You can shop their products at www.swaddlebee.com


Digital Marketing has changed drastically in the 10 years I've been selling on various social platforms. One thing hasn't - creativity and storytelling. In this class hear from Gitty Berger about how she has launched (3) edits and sold out multiple items within the first few hours after launching. 

Gitty Berger is a makeup educator and freelance artist who pivoted to virtual education and retail at the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdown. Her company, The Gitty Berger Brand, became instantly known for emotional marketing that converts.


Depending on if you offer a service or a product your content strategy will define how you’re going to use content to meet your brands goals and satisfy your users’ needs.

Topics Esty and I will discuss are as follows:

1. How to create content when you have no physical product.

2. When is it time to use a professional photographer and what to look for when you do. 

3. How much should you pay for content creation and how to set up a reasonable budget. 

4. How to optimize your time with a professional photographer so you don't waste valuable time and money. 

Who is the Biz Challenge for? 

  • BUSINESS OWNERS: Learn how to create a strong brand that will dominate your industry and set you apart from the competition. 
  • CREATIVES: Learn how to create a business around what you are passionate about and find the audience that will fall in love with your work and become loyal patrons.
  • STARTUPS: Learn the foundational skills and business knowledge so that when you are ready to launch your brand you do it with confidence and intention. 


"Without Abbey my business wouldn't be where it is today. She helped me turn it from a hobby into a SUCCESSFUL business that really makes money! Without Abbey my family would have been in real trouble! With the covid crisis my husband's income completely disappeared for a few months and we were only able to pay our bills because of the revenue from my business. Abbey is a literal lifesaver!"

Ahuva G.


Gain access to the vital knowledge you need to grow your business into the success you've been dreaming about.